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Vetiqo’s innovative simulators make the unique combination of practical teaching and animal welfare possible! Our models are used in training veterinarians, farmers and veterinary technicians as well as in experimental animal science.

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Lifelike simulators
developed by veterinarians

As veterinarians, we incorporate our clinical expertise in the development of our products.

Practical teaching
made practical

The simulators designed by Vetiqo provide opportunities for students to train their diagnostic and surgical skills, regardless of clinical routine and availability of patients.

Because allowing for mistakes is allowing for improvement

Our simulators provide opportunity not only for practice but also for mistakes without endangering students or animal lives.

Thats what our customers say

Monkey simulator "Rita" is quite fantastic and true to life, really great work!
Dr. Karen Lampe, Veterinarian, German Primate Center
We are really satisfied with Gynnie. Our students train collection of vaginal swabs and vaginoscopy in AI courses. It works very efficiently and added new value to our courses!
Prof. Dr. Wojciech Nizanski, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
The students were thrilled with Castro! It helped them a lot to discuss and perform castration on the model and their hands also shook much less than usual :)
Alina Prior, Vet Skills Net, Freie Universität Berlin
I received my suture box and I'm so happy! Thank you!!! Some of my classmates will also buy it.
Santa Dubrovska, Veterinary student
Thank you so much for the great package which you have sent me so quickly. And also thank you for this sweet letter! I recommend you in any case from the heart :-)
Melina Schermer, Customer
We can't wait to use “Gynnie” for the training of endoscopy, as we know how good the simulation is.
Ao. Prof. Dr. S. Schäfer-Somi, Dipl ECAR, Vetmed Uni Vienna
Everybody was super impressed by the quality of the intestine 🙂 Thank you again, I was able to demonstrate all relevant skills!
Dr. Karim Montasser, Veterinarian
I saw your suture set at a friend and I was impressed by the quality. Can't wait to train with the suture set at home! Thank you.
Faustine Vannel, Veterinary student
Great work, I'm totally thrilled. That's the best bone simulation I have ever seen!
Dr. Felix Lackmann, Veterinarian, Freie Universität Berlin

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Practicing whenever and wherever you like

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