Handling & maintenance of Andy

Experience a lifelike simulation of the male dog with Andy.

With the extendable penis and its controllable ejaculation function, relevant manual semen collection manoeuvres can be trained in detail. The flexible design enables natural handling, as would also be possible on a live animal. For smoother movements, please use water-based lubricant.

The prostate and testicle modules can be replaced in a few simple steps.

By using lubricant, the prostate module offers a practical and realistic training experience.

If necessary, the organs can be cleaned with clear water after use and dried in the air. Powdering with talcum powder makes the surface baby-soft again.

Please take care when using instruments and exerting excessive pressure on the organs! Andy and all associated parts are made with attention to detail and should be treated with as much love as a living dog - cuts and tears unfortunately do not heal.

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