Handling & maintenance of Mr. Vein

Mr. Vein can be used to train blood collection, placement of venous catheters and paw bandaging on the front leg.

To change the vein module, first close the inlet on the blood bag and separate the module from the adapter on the back. Pull the old module with the tube out of the module cavity from the outside and remove it. Push the new module with the tube first through the guide in the module cavity and press the module into the cavity. As soon as the adapter is reconnected to the module, the inlet on the blood bag can be opened and Mr. Vein is ready for use again.

If necessary, Mr. Vein can be cleaned with clear water after use and air-dried. Powdering with talcum powder makes the surface baby-soft again.

Please take care when using instruments and applying excessive pressure to the simulator! Mr. Vein is made with attention to detail and should be treated with as much love as a living dog - cuts and tears unfortunately do not heal.

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