Pad holder system for suture and injection training

Our pad holder offers a wide range of options for using our injection and suture pads.

We offer two different sizes of pad holders, the pad holder S and the pad holder L. The pad holder S is the standard option for all injection pads, ears, teats and suture pads available from us. The pad holder L offers extra space for large-area sutures and is used with the bovine abdominal wall and primate skin.

The pad holder S is supplied as standard with the foam S, which forms a flat surface and is the standard for training simple suturing techniques.

For training wound closure of covex surfaces or wounds with increased wound tension, we recommend the use of foam convex in pad holder S.

For training wound closure of hollow organs, however, we recommend using the hollow organ foam, which creates unstable wound edges and more room for maneuver.

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