Pad holder (S)
Pad holder (S)
Thumb: Pad holder (S)
Thumb: Pad holder (S)

Pad holder (S)

This robust pad holder provides a simple and practical solution to mounting our suture and IV pads in vertical or horizontal positions, as required.

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Pad holder (S)

Our pad holder is made of sturdy stainless steel and is therefore not only extremely stable but also suitable for everyday clinical routine. Suction cups on each corner allow for easy mounting on smooth surfaces. Vertical or horizontal positioning enables simulation of a variety of clinical scenarios such as dogs in lateral or dorsal recumbency on the operating table or an operation on the standing cow. Suture and IV pads are custom made for the pad holders and can be replaced quickly and easily. The pad holder (S) is supplied with the Replacement foam (S) and Replacement foam - hollow organ and is ready to use.

The small pad holder is designed for use with the following suture pads: small animal, horse, cattle, pig, organ, abdominal wall dog, vulva and teat as well as our IV and blood collection pads.

  • dimensions: ca. 15 x 16 x 3 cm
  • Article no. #003-020-00
  • incl. Replacement foam (S)
  • incl. Replacement foam - hollow organ

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