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With this lifelike model of the dog penis, manual semen collection on the male dog can be practiced in a practical and interactive way.

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Canine penis simulator

This lifelike canine penis offers the opportunity to practice manual semen collection on our Andy in a practical and interactive way. The lifelike penis has a simulated penis bone, a expandable bulb and a continuous urethral opening.

With the retractable penis and its controllable ejaculation function, relevant movements for manual semen collection can be practiced in detail. The flexible design enables natural handling, as would also be possible on a live animal. Thanks to the easy-to-use control unit, the penis can be extended continuously and thus offers optimum adaptation to different training requirements.

If necessary, the penis can be replaced in a few simple steps, ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency in training.

  • dimensions: ca. 17 x 10cm
  • Article no. #011-040-00

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