Prostate castrated
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Prostate castrated

With this lifelike prostate module, the recatal palpation of a neutered male dog can be practiced realistically in Andy.

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Prostate castrated

With our realistic prostate module, the rectal palpation of a castrated male dog can be trained in a lifelike manner. This module consists of a simulated rectal canal and a healthy small prostate, which can be palpated in its anatomical position on the cranial iliac crest. By using lubricant, the prostate module offers a practical and realistic training experience in our male simulator Andy.

If necessary, the module can be replaced in a few simple steps to ensure flexible and efficient training. Expand your training options by selecting our other modules, Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Physiologal, to realistically simulate various clinical scenarios.

  • dimensions: ca. 17 x 10cm
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  • Article no. #011-050-02

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