Testicles - asymmetrical
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Testicles - asymmetrical

These lifelike canine testicles provide a realistic feel of testicular asymmetry for palpatory training.

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Testicular asymmetry

The lifelike testicles are a practical tool for hands-on andrology training. Whether used with our popular Andy or as a stand-alone training tool in the testicular buffet, the testicles can be used flexibly in teaching and offer a versatile solution for every teaching level. They support both anatomical and clinical training and enable targeted training in comparative palpation from propaedeutics to clinical training.

The testicles are characterized by their detailed anatomical representation and realistic feel. The scrotum, with its skin-like surface and integrated septum, is particularly lifelike and enables differentiated palpation of the epididymis and spermatic cords. The asymmetry that can be differentiated by palpation is characterized by a unilateral diffuse enlargement of one testicle.

Thanks to the easy handling, the testicles can be removed and replaced with Andy in a few simple steps if necessary, which ensures maximum flexibility in your training and enables the simulation of a wide range of clinical scenarios.

  • dimensions: ca. 8 x 10cm
  • Article no. #011-020-02

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