Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Thumb: Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Thumb: Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Thumb: Arthro Shoulder Complete Set
Arthroscopy model

Arthro Shoulder Complete Set

The compact arthroscopy simulator can be used for hands-on training of arthroscopic procedures on the canine shoulder joint.

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Arthroscopy of the canine shoulder

This arthroscopy simulator provides a realistic replica of the anatomical structures of the canine shoulder and allows immersive training in arthroscopy techniques. The heart of the simulator is the detailed replica of the joint space, consisting of the bony structures of the scapula and humerus, the overlying cartilage, the joint capsule and the biceps tendon.

With interchangeable joint parts and different cartilage damages, the arthroscopy simulator offers a variety of scenarios for training, starting with insertion and handling of instruments, navigation through the joint, visualization of damage, and performing repairs. Realistic anatomy and precise instrument interaction allow users to develop skills in a safe environment before facing real clinical situations.

The humerus, scapula as well as the modules can be removed and exchanged in a few simple steps if required. With the solid holder, Arthro can be used in a mobile way and offers optimal grip on smooth surfaces with the integrated suction cups.

Arthro Shoulder includes:

  • dimensions: ca. 10 x 16 x 15 cm H x L x W
  • weight: ca. 0,5 kg
  • Article no. #009-010-00

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