Canine Skull with fractures
Canine Skull with fractures
Thumb: Canine Skull with fractures
Thumb: Canine Skull with fractures
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Canine Skull with fractures

This true to detail canine skull with rostral comminuted fracture is ideal for the training of oseosynthesis techniques and for demonstration purposes.

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Canine Skull

Performing stable osteosynthesis and reconstructions in bones requires profound manual skills and can be as fascinating as challenging. With our artificial bones we make the manual training of osteosynthesis more lifelike and practical.

This realistic bone displays the anatomical structures of a canine skull in true detail, from the Foramen magnum to the Processus frontalis. With its rostral comminuted fracture it is ideally suited for the training of different osteosynthesis techniques on the canine skull.

  • length: ca. 18 cm
  • layers: solid
  • Article no. #005-070-03

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