Knee joint canine
Knee joint canine
Thumb: Knee joint canine
Thumb: Knee joint canine

Knee joint canine

This canine knee joint is ideal for anatomical training as well as osteosynthesis techniques and TPLO.

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Canine knee joint

This detailed joint faithfully represents the anatomical structures of a knee joint. In addition to the lifelike bone points, the mensicus and ligaments are also elastically recreated, enabling functional representation for demonstrations or anatomical training.

The bones are made of our proven osteosynthesis-compatible plastic and therefore also allow training of a wide variety of osteosynthesis techniques as well as TPLO.

Includes the following structures:

  • Femur
  • Tibia & Fibula
  • Patella
  • Lig. femopatellaris medialis
  • Lig. femopatellaris lateralis
  • Lig. pattellae
  • Lig. collaterale laterale
  • Lig. colaterale mediale
  • Menisci
  • Cruciate Ligaments
  • Lig. mensicofemorale
  • Attachment of the M. extensor digitorum longus
  • length: ca. 32 cm
  • layers: solid
  • Article no. #005-100-00

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