Uterus – estrus
Uterus – estrus
Thumb: Uterus – estrus
Thumb: Uterus – estrus

Uterus – estrus

This uterus of the bitch allows a variety of training options, from vaginoscopic examination by speculum to endoscopic insemination.

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Uterus - estrus

The uterus reflects anatomical structures of the bitch not only on the outside, but also the intravaginal structures in a lifelike way. The uterine artery and the ovarian artery are modeled on the mesometrium. The vagina has a detailed mucosa with secondary folds, dorsomedian fold and a cervix, which can be catheterized by endoscope. A gynecological examination can be performed by speculum or endoscope. Artificial insemination can also be trained with a balloon catheter or endoscopic insemination.

The integrated suspension, allows an easy mounting in our “Gynnie".

  • dimensions: ca. 40 x 10 cm
  • vagina: ca. 17 x 3 cm
  • Article no. #004-020-00

Endoscopic examination of “Gynnie”

With its detailed mucosa this uterus simulates the genitale tract of a bitch in estrus. The pale vaginal mucosa simulates primary and secondary folds, a prominent dorsomedian fold an a cervix that are typically present during estrus.

The detailed simulation enables the training of an artificial insemination via transcervical catheterisation of the cervix.

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