V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
Thumb: V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
Thumb: V. cephalica – “Gynnie”
Thumb: V. cephalica – “Gynnie”

V. cephalica – “Gynnie”

This life-like blood collection pad provides opportunity to practice blood sampling on the V. cephalica in our Gyndog.

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V. cephalica - Gynnie

This blood collection pad has an integrated vein which facilitates the training of blood collection at the cephalic vein under lifelike conditions, e.g. for determination of progesterone level in the bitch. In addition, the training of an intravenous injection or the insertion of a vein catheter is possible.

The blood collection pad can be mounted easily in our Gynnie. Our blood collection pads are reusable, tear-resistant and retain their shape and texture even after repeated use

  • dimensions: ca. 7 x 10 cm
  • thickness: ca. 0,5 cm
  • vein: 0,4 cm ∅
  • Article no. #004-040-00

Endoscopic examination of “Gynnie”

With its detailed mucosa "Gynnie" simulates the genitale tract of a bitch in estrus. The pale vaginal mucosa simulates primary and secondary folds, a prominent dorsomedian fold an a cervix that are typically present during estrus.

The detailed simulation enables the training of an artificial insemination via transcervical catheterisation of the cervix.

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