Linea alba – rat
Linea alba – rat
Linea alba – rat
Thumb: Linea alba – rat
Thumb: Linea alba – rat
Thumb: Linea alba – rat
Suture skills

Linea alba – rat

This filigree suture pad allows incision and closure along the linea alba during abdominal procedures in the rat.

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Linea alba – rat

This fine abdominal wall of a rat is especially filigree designed with skin and musculature. External genital organs and teats are incorporated as lifelike external landmarks. The integrated linea alba makes it possible to practice incisions, skin sutures and surgical knotting techniques under realistic conditions.

Our suture pads are reusable, tear-resistant and retain their shape and texture even after repeated use. Our practical pad holder (S) can be used to mount the suture pads in a vertical or a horizontal position, as required.

Pad holder and Instruments are not included in the scope of delivery and has to be ordered separately.

  • dimensions: ca. 15 x 16 cm
  • thickness: ca. 0.2 cm
  • layers: dermis, abdominal muscles
  • Article no. #001-070-02

Only three steps needed to prepare and exchange your suture pad with our padholder. In a few simple steps you get ready for your suture training!

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