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Suture skills

Vein large

This two-layered vein provides opportunity to train surgical ligatures as well as different types of anastomosis.

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Vein large

This two-layered vein simulator perfectly mimicks the characteristics of delicate vein tissue of dogs and cats. It is suitable for practicing incisions, sutures and different anastomosis techniques under realistic conditions. The visual and textural demarcation between the Tunica intima and the Tunica externa provide opportunity for various suture practice.

Our vein simulators are reusable, tear-resistant and retain their shape and texture even after repeated use. Our practical vein holder can be used to mount the vein in a vertical or a horizontal position, as required.

Vein holder and Instruments are not included in the scope of delivery and has to be ordered separately.

  • lenght: ca. 24 cm
  • diameter: ca. 1,0 cm
  • layers: Tunica interna, Tunica externa
  • Article no. #001-110-01

For practical handling, the bowel and veins can be attached in different positions as required.

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